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Elite Extravaganza & JBQH Entry forms
November 8-11, 2018

Entry Deadlines:
Online without a late fee: September 5 – October 29, 2018.www.elitebarrelracing.com.
Mail: Sept. 5 - Oct. 22, 2018.
Fax without late fee: Sept. 5 – Oct. 29, 2018 
Late Entries: Any entry, fax or email received after Oct. 29, will pay a $25 late fee per rider.
Onsite: All onsite entries are taken up to run 100 in each race and will pay a $25 late fee per rider.
Draw-out Deadline: Thursday Nov. 8, 2018 8:00 am.

How to ENTER and use the FORMS..

  • Enter Online - use the Online Entry Link.
    (Be sure to provide a working email address when you enter so that you receive your entry confirmation. We do not sell or share email addresses.)
  • Enter by Mail/Fax - Print the Mail/Fax form to mail or Fax your entry.  You will receive a confirmation once your entry is entered into the system.  (This is not an immediate confirmation).
  • Enter by E-mail -Print the entry form and fill it out. submit as a document not as a picture. We can't print a picture. Thanks!
  • Add Form - Already entered? Need to add something (another horse, add an incentive, stall, rv hookup)? Use this form!

    Print Add form - print to mail or mail/fax.
    Email Add form - Print and send as a document not JPG,/Photo

  • Change Form - Use this form to change a horse OR rider. You can not do both.
  • Draw-Out form - Ues this to draw out of a race for a refund. We do not require a vet/doctor note. We will miss you!


Late Entry Form

Add Form

Change Form

Drawout Form

Vendor Form































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